Almost There

I met with my oncologist this week and my blood work still looks good. I have one more TH treatment to do this coming Monday. One more! I can’t believe it. My oncologist said that she was proud of me for how well I have gone through this. We talked about changes that I needed to make in life (basically she indicated that she has aged me by 10 years). I told her that I had started meditating and she was delighted. I mentioned an online cite that I use and she asked me to write it down because she wanted to tell her other patients – patients that won’t join a yoga studio, etc. I was proud of some of these changes that I have made. Although, I think that I ate fairly well before all of this. I’ve added green tea everyday and I’m trying to eat more foods that may fight cancer growth (garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, raspberries). I’m also trying to be more active and I signed up for a summer yoga challenge at my yoga studio.

The next move is a PET scan and ultrasound on the lymph nodes on the left side scheduled for August 6th. These tests will help us make a decision on radiation.

I have come far but I still have a lot left to do. But things are looking bright.

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